Help and How to Videos

How to Upgrade or Recover the Firmware on Beyonwiz V2 PVR

This video demonstrates how to update the firmware on your Beyonwiz V2 via USB. You can also use this method to recover a bricked Beyonwiz V2

Basic EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Intoduction

Here is a Basic Introductory video on your Beyonwiz T3 Electronic Program Guide. + See next Video with some more Advanced Settings.

Advanced EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Intoduction

Here is some more Advanced EPG Settings for your Beyonwiz T3

Backup and Restore Settings

Video showing you how to Backup and Restore your settings so you do not loose them in a Factory Reset.

Power Button Options

Video on your Power Button Options, how to use them and edit the settings.

Power Button Options

This video shows you how to format your internal Hard Disk.

How to Enable Favourites

A quick video on how to Add and Enable Favourites

Manual Recording Features

Video on the Manual Recording features on the Beyonwiz T3 including Timeshift Recording and Stopping Recordings.

Web Interface

This video give a brief introduction to the Web Interface on your Beyonwiz T3 PVR where you can log in remotely, control, set timers and even stream live TV.

Re-Tune for New Channels (T2 / T3 / T4)

Upgrading firmware on T-series / U4 via USB

WizTV Smart TV HDMI Adaptor Quick Start Guide